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coverblackWelcome to Man of Steel Answers!  If this is your first time on the site, it mainly hosts the Man of Steel Answer Insight Commentary (MOSAIC) podcast which is an exhaustive look at 2013’s Man of Steel, the Superman mythos, and surrounding DC cinematic universe topics.

MOSAIC has commentary on Man of Steel‘s Act One in the following episodes:

Certain episodes are focused on answering questions revolving around a central theme:

Finally, several episodes are dedicated to reacting to news or answering mailbag questions:

Index of selected videos:

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  1. You lucky dog, won’t be seeing it till thursday. Can’t freaking wait!

  2. I’m seeing Batman v Superman this Friday at noon.

  3. Will you do a full review? Can’t wait to hear your impressions.

    With all the reviews and word of mouth flooding the web, you are the one I’m certain will be honest. I’ll wait with anticipation.

  4. Any info for batman voice modulator/throat microphone?

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