NYCC 2014, Versus, & Podcast


Three Generations – I didn’t have any great Superman photos unfortunately!

Due to happy and exciting family news and the past four days of New York Comic Con, I’ve been out of the loop.  However, my comic con photos should be going up sometime this week.  I’ve quickly thrown together a Versus page for YouTube content addressing the topic before I get in on the action.  New episodes of the MOSAIC show will start recording soon again, so I’ll be addressing the feedback, questions, comments, and promos in the next few weeks.

Lastly, I actually have received letters and feedback from two different individuals who mistook the intention of the website / podcast as trying to address questions as the Man of Steel, in character.  While not my original intention, it might be fun to do that once in a while so that may become a new feature or podcast segment.

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