The BvS Approach To Color [ScreenRant]

Some quick notes.  By now you’ve certainly seen Zack Snyder’s tweet teasing the 2 minute 6 second trailer for release on Monday.  The footage of Superman’s suit was originally shot for Man of Steel and used in the promotion of the film, including the 2nd Official Trailer, however it is not in the film itself.  I’ve double checked to be sure. If I’m in error, please comment with a timecode and I’ll correct that right away!

The suit is also the MOS suit and not the BVS suit which has subtle differences.

However, the main takeaway is that at least for this teaser, there was clear emphasis on making Superman’s classic colors pop.  This is consistent with our discussion on colors in Episode 18.  Man of Steel was about creating a grounded reality where Superman fit in with it and thus his colors were muted… however, now that we’re moving into a world where he stands out as exceptional, needs to be contrasted against the Bat, and the audience has been acclimated to the reality… the creators can push towards bolder and brighter colors which might have been confronting in the first film, but meaningful in this one.

From the Bat suit, it’s apparent that there still will be filters on this film, but I expect their use might be more stylized this time around than their application in MOS.  We’ll be back Monday night with impressions!

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  1. I noticed it was the same suit from MOS, but it’s nice to see the color difference. I think your logic makes sense with them trying to contrast the colors to Batman’s. My hope is we’ll see that contrast in the personalities as well. Do you think they’ll gradually shift Superman to the “boyscout” persona? IMO, I like the idea that Superman makes mistakes as long as he’s trying to do the right thing.

    • I agree with you Dr. Awkward and Mitch. I also would love to see Kal evolve but to the boyscout (as in the past) but the symbol of the greatness we all can be. As stablished in MoS when saying the S symbol means Hope in Kryptonian.
      Until next time.

      P.S. Have you seen the leaked trailer yet?

  2. Hi! New fan! Big fan! Huge new fan! I’m only joking a little when I say that finding your podcast restored a bit if my faith in humanity. I didn’t realize there were other people out there concerned with the physics of Man of Steel. (I also didn’t realize that Zack Snyder really DOES have a notebook full of Superman-related physics notes, as I learned in an early episode of MOSAIC! That let me know that I was sane!)

    So I’m listening to Episode 18 and you’re talking about color. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever brought up a diagetic reason for why Superman’s suit is red, yellow and blue. You propose one idea in an early show, but I want to know if anyone has proposed an alternative in any of your mailbags in one of the dozens of episodes I’ve yet to listen to.

    • Thanks for listening Nick, it usually falls into one of the two theories: Either the suit pre-existed and the prequel comic was wrong in showing the skinsuits as black… or it was constructed by Jor-El who was inspired by Earth to color the skinsuit. People tend the prefer the latter one, it seems, and I think there’s a little added support for it because of the small cosmetic changes to the suit in BvS and the fact that suit will need repairs after BvS.

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